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dzbHBE8khUx5 (12/18/2015 02:14:36)
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ierDFG5y (12/17/2015 04:27:27)
I'm a huge Greys and Desperate Housewives fan too and i really love Big Love, Entourage, Nurse Jackie and Dexter Out of the ones i just metnioned only Big Love is currently showing new episodes but if you have On Demand you can catch up with the others before the new season's starts. You didn't mention Sopranos, Sex and the City and 24. These are all available in box sets so you can start with the first season and watch whenever you like. Be warned thought that 24 is highly addictive. At the end of every episode there is a huge cliff hanger so you end up watching hours of it in one sitting!Happy watching -7Was this answer helpful?

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