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sVRFcB5QRXZD (12/19/2015 09:25:44)
This isn't a complicated<a href=""> pscreos</a>, unless you bring the girls into paying the bills. I'm with the "split it evenly among all involved" types, and even better, one guy puts it on his card, the others give him cash, and eventually it all evens out, because you're all friends and somebody else is gonna pick it up next time. We also generally tip pretty well, so nobody's really hung up on getting exact change because good tips are good karma. Of course there were always those people - (and they were always girls, whether they were dating one of the fellas or not), who insisted on paying their own way. We're in a party of 12, the guys are putting cash on the table and calling it good, but there's 3 or 4 women who literally pull out their cell phone calculators, determine that they owe "x" for their meal/drinks and "x" times .05 to .15 for tip - (depending on how much attention they felt they got from the server) and holding up the whole<a href=""> pscreos</a> while inconveniencing an already harried server just to save $2 or $3 dollars. Usually amounts to an extra 20 minutes spent sorting out the bill, and a miffed girl who inevitably complains that she had to pay $1 more than what she owed. Ridiculous.


TF58NDfqn (12/18/2015 02:10:41)
I posted this on Amy's <a href="">arctile</a> in response to someone who thinks men would b mocked if acting like fictional men, and doesn't think entertainment has much of an impact on girls and women:I have no doubt that men would be mocked if they acted like Edward "I want to kill you but I'm a sweetheart" Cullen, but that doesn't stop women from feeling like their men are deficient after crushing on him.I think modern entertainment (actually, not so modern) has more of an impact on girls and women than most suspect. We start them off in their cribs reading about the frog prince (your kiss will transform toads into princes). Then we move them on to Lady and the Tramp (homeless, unemployed chicken thief tramps are good matches for nice girls with sheltered lives). We then have a steady regimen of Disney which impresses upon girls that they can make a man out of a monster (Beauty and the Beast), and thieves are really diamonds in the rough who will show them a world that they have not even seen themselves (Aladdin). Then, as these girls start becoming women, we'll teach them that the best men always crash onto the scene on a motorcycle beating up the villains, who are always educated rich men wearing ties (almost any soap opera). From there, a buffet of chick flicks (where bad men always change), with a yummy dessert assortment of vampires who are have an urge to kill them (Twilight) and werewolves who they can't make too upset lest they turn and eat them (Twilight sequels). Sprinkle some anti-husband hostility from talk shows, magazines, friends, co-workers, hair stylist, and most groups of women, and you have a recipe for a wife that *sarcasm on* so appreciates *sarcasm off* her husband.Of course, if this very same husband was given sex every 2 or 3 days during courtship, is now working 60 hours a week to make all her dreams come true, and now only gets sex once every 2 or 3 years... if he in his involuntary celibacy turns to porn rather than adultery, he is destroying his marriage. The reverse is not true, as men don't have feelings anyway.


JFVa614g (12/17/2015 01:43:17)
Bill Wild,You sound like my brother. elmo,I am back! So, I was cornedinisg it and realized how one might suppose both of those things and not be self contradictory. Originally I was thinking (informally)Some individuals are predisposed to poor decision makingand these individuals must decide upon an effective leaderand the leader must protect these individuals from poor decisionsthen these individuals will decide poorly upon a leaderthen some leaders will not protect these individuals from poor decisionsthus these people cannot decide upon an effective leaderAs you can see, there are several fairly sizable flaws in that. It presumes that either the individuals who make poor decisions are electing their own leader in a proverbial vacuum or that the individuals who make poor decisions so outnumber the standard and above average decision makers, so as to render them essentially moot in an election. Along that line, it also presupposes that the leader is a poor decision maker. If the population is entirely poor decision makers, then it follows but if there are people who have a history of superior decision making, then as evidence mounts and aggregates, the probability of good decisions increases. Identifying someone who makes good decisions on a regular basis is much easier than necessarily making those decisions yourself; for instance, you can examine a doctors record by his history of positive outcomes versus neutral and negative outcomes, without knowing anything about medicine.So if we instead shift to a risk management perspective and say:Some individuals make poor decisionsand these individuals must help select a leaderand this leader must protect these individuals from the harm of their actions,then these individuals must select a superior decision maker for their leader.So, we could say that some people might act against their own interests and must be protected from those actions without saying that they should not be able to help select a leader!

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